Bucket List – Kern River

Bucket List is a feature that will routinely discuss multi-day excursions around the state of California, as well as outside the state.  This intended as a travel guide and resource for areas that would otherwise offer little information.

Nestled in the foothills of the south western region of the Sierra Nevada mountains is the Kern River.  Fed by runoff from Mount Whitney, Kern River is most notably known for it’s white water rafting and bed & breakfasts.

The weather in the canyon itself is dynamic.  Ground temperatures can be hot and dry, while rain can roll in at any moment and coat the surrounding mountain peaks with snow.

kern river

A scant 3 hour drive north of Los Angeles, Kern river serves as a perfect get away for those looking to immerse themselves in nature for a day.  The river serves as a gateway to the Sierras for those living in the southern half of the state.

River side campgrounds are a plenty, and reservations can be made here, here, or here.  Camping is plentiful in the area, so while reservations might get you a better spot next to the river, they’re not necessary.

This means Kern river is open to the best kind of travel accommodations, impulsive weekend trips.  Outdoors adventures are not meant to be planned out, down to each and every step of the way.  Nature has no schedule, and planning minor details to your trip prevents you from living in the moment.

Swimming in the river is strongly discouraged.  The river itself was named after Edward M Kern, who nearly drowned to death while venturing out into the waters.  Kern has strong under currents, so even when it looks safe, the river can grab you at any moment and take you down it’s turbulent path.

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