Sixty Eight West was started as a way to share one’s passion for outdoor adventure by sharing local getaways, weekend excursions, equipment knowledge, and MacGyver-like camping tricks.

All posts are published from first hand experiences or trials, by backpacker, climber, photographer, Eagle Scout and all around adventurer Alex Cave.  I started this blog after various friends or acquaintances repeatedly ask for camping or hiking advice.  Sixty Eight West is a way to share this information and push myself to further explore and document this information.

Sixty Eight West will split up blog posts into various features.  Escape LA will discuss day hikes and adventures that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of city life, all within a stones throw from downtown Los Angeles.  Bucket List will feature weekend adventures that require some prior knowledge or insight, where information is slightly misleading or nonexistent otherwise.

We also plan to discuss some current events, survival tips, and gear recommendations.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the crisp, clean cut feel of your brief posts. Minimalist in style, they tell a great deal with few words. I love the outdoors, but I’ve never been one for camping, despite the fact that I’ve lived in some of the most glorious rain, deciduous, and coniferous forests in the world (Canada). Used to live in Tucson too…

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